How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Group

This article “ How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Group?” , is about the best ways to create a LinkedIn group and improve group engagement.

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Group?

The purpose of LinkedIn Groups is to allow those with similar interests to come together to discuss and share news on the topics that mutually interest them.

LinkedIn Groups presents a discussion board, where it is possible to post a link to a web article of interest or simply engage in a conversation.

Through groups, you can also do a member search and directly send a message to someone, provided they are using the default setting LinkedIn provides.

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Group

In other words, by attracting your target demographic to your group, you can now directly engage with them regardless of your connectivity status

Before you think about creating a LinkedIn Group, you first need to create a mission statement that states who you’d like to attract and what your group will offer them.

Creating a LinkedIn Group is surprisingly simple, as is indicated by the sheer number of groups that exist. That being said, there is one very important thing to consider that will make or break your group: its name.

While using a social networking site, no LinkedIn user wants to be directly sold to. Therefore, in the spirit of inbound marketing, the name of your group should NOT be your company name. On Facebook or Twitter, it is wise to have a page or username that represents your company. On LinkedIn, however, you want to win the mindshare of your target audience and attract them to become members of your group. You can do so by naming your group appropriately.

Once the name of your group is chosen, it is important to brand it in a way that will be attractive to the target audience and different from your exact logo, while maintaining consistency with your established look and feel.

How to Promote your group to earn membership?

Here are some tips to help you promote your group:

Use other social media assets to promote your group Promotion doesn’t and shouldn’t stop with just LinkedIn members. Once you begin to strategically engage in social media, you need to optimize your own website for social media.

Keep LinkedIn group policies in mind If you have ever been a member of a LinkedIn Group,

you will know that many are filled with spammy link-building “discussions” that tarnish the atmosphere of the group and potentially the brand of the company sponsoring it.

Social media marketing is really about relevance, so it is important to keep your group relevant by actively managing and keeping the irrelevant information out. Your first step in doing this is by creating a LinkedIn Group Policy.

It’s important to keep your group relevant by actively managing and keeping the irrelevant information out.

LinkedIn has provided group managers with the ability to create a group policy under the title “Group Rules.”

Create a LinkedIn group engagement strategy

Similar to how those who engage with your Facebook Page will help get your news noticed in each fan’s personal news feed, engagement in your LinkedIn Group will be posted in members’ network updates. So how does one foster group engagement?

When starting a group, you need to assume leadership by proactively starting conversations, posting relevant and timely news, and quickly reacting to the discussions and questions of others. This can be done in a time-effective manner by pre-scheduling some activities and utilize LinkedIn’s feature that allows group managers to receive updates about new discussions and comments the moment they happen. As membership grows, the discussions tend to become mostly self-generated, but it’s still important to check the engagement volume on a regular basis and generate new discussions as needed.

What discussions should one generate?
How to Use the Linkedin Announcement feature

LinkedIn Groups are powerful in that LinkedIn allows group managers to send out an announcement to all of its members at most once a week. This should not be used every week, nor should it be used for purely self-promotional means. The LinkedIn community could perceive sending out announcements in this manner as spam, and it could give people reason to leave your group

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Group

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How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Group

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