How to Establish your expertise on LinkedIn

This article “ How to Establish your expertise on LinkedIn? “, is about how to share updates and how to integrate your personal brand into updates.

How to Establish your expertise on LinkedIn?

Share updates with your network:

Pass along interesting articles, news, or videos you find informative. Not only will your network appreciate getting this information, but they’ll start to look to you for expertise and insights.

Like, comment, or share updates you enjoy:

Taking an action on updates keeps the conversation going and helps spread that information across LinkedIn. And remember, if you found it interesting, chances are your network will too.

How to Establish your expertise on LinkedIn

Integrate your personal brand into updates:

Don’t be shy. Promote your accomplishments, bodies of work, and other accolades through sharing on LinkedIn. For every four updates covering news and trends, try sharing a post promoting your personal brand.

Get a deeper look at who’s viewing your profile:

With Who’s Viewed Your Profile, see the types, industries, and locations of members viewing you, as well as which keywords are being used in the LinkedIn search to find you. Use this information to fine-tune your profile.

Engage in LinkedIn Groups:

Use LinkedIn Groups as a public forum to discuss topics and trends with thought leaders or experts. By providing knowledgeable insights, you can build a rapport with other top contributors and eventually establish yourself as one, too.

Link to your personal communications:

Embed your LinkedIn profile into your email signature or add your personalized profile URL to your business card. This provides new contacts with an easy way to learn more about you.

Leverage existing content streams:

Use successful business-oriented blog posts, articles, and updates from your other social platforms to create a high-quality stream of personal updates.

Start a dialogue:

Increase exposure for your posts and start a conversation around a topic by mentioning companies or connections in updates.

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