How to increase paid traffic to your website?

This article “ How to increase paid traffic to your website? “ is about how to reach your website traffic goals through paid advertising and what are the metrics to focus on.

How to increase paid traffic to your website?

PPC Goal: Increase Traffic To My Website.

PPC Metric: Focus on CTR.

To get more visitors, you need searchers to click on your ads, so incorporate time into your PPC plan each week to create awesome and relevant ad text. Focusing on click-through-rate (CTR) is going to be the most crucial metric to increase traffic to your website.

How to increase paid traffic to your website?

Here are few quick tips to develop compelling ad copy:

Enable and Monitor Sitelink Extensions

Google has also stated that site links extensions play a part in your ad rank, i.e. if you and your competitor have the same bid, same quality score, but you have site link extensions enabled, take a lucky guess at who’s going to get higher placement in the SERPS.

Sitelink extensions are essentially like a free ad space extending the presence of your ad copy, and giving you the potential to receive a lot more clicks and traffic.

A/B Testing:

Testing is absolutely essential and should not be ignored at any cost. No matter how good your campaign is currently performing.” Not running A/B tests on ads is one of the biggest mistakes. By testing, you know the order of the words in your headline might increase your click-through-rate. The smallest tweaks really can make drastic improvements so don’t be afraid to run two or three ads simultaneously in the same ad group.

Get Optimized:

You also need to focus on organization and relevancy. To do so, you need to check,

  • Your campaigns are focused on your products, locations, or any other general themes that makes sense for your business objectives.
  • Each campaign needs to have ad groups related to the theme of that campaign.
  • For each ad group, you’ll need a list of tightly themed keywords (no larger than 20-30 keywords per ad group).
  • On a regular basis remember to maintain a good keyword list and review your search terms to add keywords to your account that you may be missing out on or eliminate negatives that you may be wasting spend on

Continuously incorporating relevancy and organization checks to your workflow will help ensure your ad copy is highly relevant and compelling, which will lead to an increase in traffic (as well as better quality scores).

How to increase paid traffic to your website?

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How to increase paid traffic to your website?

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