Content Marketing Training

Content can be in the form of videos, articles, blog posts, guides, white papers, and more. Content marketing enables marketers to distribute relevant and valuable content to attract customers.

Gilgal's Content Marketing Training helps you in

  •      Become certified Content Marketer from Hubspot
  •      Identify Prospects and create an effective Content Marketing Strategy
  •      To produce compelling and impressive Marketing Content
Content Marketing TrainingContent Marketing Training

We are offering online, fast track, weekdays and weekend Content Marketing Training Programs.Our Content Marketing Training program is delivered by industry experts.We are offering 100% placement support.

Content Marketing Training Syllabus

Understanding Content Marketing
  •      Why is content marketing important?
  •      How do you create a successful content marketing approach?
  •      What does content marketing look like?
The Power of Storytelling
  •      Why does your business need a story?
  •      What do you need to tell a great story?
  •      What does a good story look like?
Generating Content Ideas
  •      Why do you need to generate content ideas
  •      How does the ideation process work?
  •      How do you generate ideas for content creation?
Planning a Long-Term Content Strategy
  •      Why is long-term content planning important?
  •      How do you identify opportunities to build your long-term content plan?
  •      What should a long-term content plan look like?
Building a Content Creation Framework
  •      Why does your business need a framework for creating content?
  •      How do you build a framework for creating content?
  •      What resources will you need for building a framework for creating content?
Becoming an Effective Writer
  •      Why do you need to create effective content?
  •      How can you attract and engage people with effective content?
  •      How can you improve your writing?
Extending the Value of Your Content Through Repurposing
  •      Why is repurposing content important?
  •      How do you extend the value of your content?
  •      What’s an example of how to repurpose content?
Effectively Promoting Your Content
  •      Why is content promotion essential to your content strategy?
  •      How do you excel at content promotion?
  •      What does content promotion look like?
Measuring and Analyzing Your Content
  •      Why is measuring and analyzing your content critical to success?
  •      How do you collect and interpret data?
  •      What to do with your data after you’ve collected it?
Developing a Growth Marketing Mindset
  •      What is growth marketing? - What is growth marketing?
  •      How can you develop a growth marketing mindset?
  •      What are some growth marketing pro tips?

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