Email Marketing Training Program

Email Marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing strategy.Gilgal's Email Marketing Training Program delivered by Industry experts helps you in

  •      Get Email Marketing Certification from Hub Spot
  •      Improve career Growth and opportunities
  •      Nurture customers using creative Email Communications
  • Email Marketing Training Program

    Email Marketing Training Program

    We are offering online, fast track, weekdays and weekend Email Marketing training programs.Our Email Marketing Training program is delivered by working professionals.We are offering 100% placement support.

    Email Marketing Training Syllabus

    1. Email Marketing Basics
    •      Why email marketing is still important
    •      How to build an effective email marketing strategy
    •      What a successful email marketing strategy looks like
    2. Sending the Right Message with Lifecycle Marketing
    •      Why lifecycle marketing is important
    •      How to use email to do lifecycle marketing
    •      What a great lifecycle email looks like
    3. Contact Management and Segmentation
    •      Why contacts and lists are important
    •      How to build a segmentation strategy
    •      What does a successful segmentation strategy look like?
    4. The Components of a High-Performing Email
    •      Why care about sending great emails
    •      How to create and send great emails
    •      What a high-performing email looks like
    5. Email Design and Functionality
    •      Why email design is important
    •      How to design great emails
    •      What a well-designed email looks like
    6. The Essentials of Email Deliverability
    •      Why email deliverability is important
    •      How to take control of your email deliverability
    •      What email deliverability looks like in action
    7. Developing Relationships with Lead Nurturing
    •      Why lead nurturing is important for your business -
    •      How to do lead nurturing
    •      What an effective lead nurturing strategy looks like
    8. Measuring Success with Email Analytics
    •      Why email analytics are important
    •      How to improve your email analytics strategy
    •      What email analysis looks like in action
    9. Email Optimization and Testing
    •      Why optimize your email marketing
    •      How to optimize your email marketing

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