SMM Training

SMM Training: Social Media Marketing Training Program

In today’s marketplace, organizations need effective, profitable social marketing strategies.Gilgal SMM training [Social Media Marketing] program is designed to position, engage, and grow relationships with the consumers of highest value to you. After completing this course you will be able to

  •      Expand your online audience and establish your social brand
  •      Planning & Creating Multichannel Social Media Strategy
  •      use social media tools and platforms to design, manage, and optimize social campaigns SMM Training: Social Media Marketing Training Program

    SMM Training: Social Media Marketing Training Program

We are offering online, fast track, weekdays and weekend Social Media Marketing Training Programs.Our SMM Training program is delivered by working professionals.We are offering 100% placement support.

SMM Training Syllabus [Social Media marketingTraining]

Social Media Introduction
  •      Orientation to Digital Marketing and Social Media
  •      Latest Stats and Trends about Social Media
  •      Relevant Social Media Success Stories
Building a Sustainable Social Media Strategy
  •      Social Media Challenges
  •      How to choose relevant Social Media Channels?
  •      Creating multi-channel Social Media Strategy
Social Media Essentials
  • Understanding Paid, Owned, and Earned Media
  • Understanding the impact of great visuals
  • Understanding Social Sharing
  • Storytelling
Influencer Marketing and Online Reputation Management
  •      Social Media Listening
  •      Reputation Management and Response
  •      Finding Influencers and brand Evangelists
  •      Engaging with Influencers and Evangelists
Social Media Measurement
  •      The Basics of Social Media Measurement
  •      Social Media Specific Metrics
Video and YouTube Marketing
  •      Establishing a Video Marketing Strategy 14:53
  •      Leveraging Mobile Video 13:21
  •      Promoting & Measuring Mobile Video
YouTube Advertising
  •      YouTube for Business
  •      Make & Promote Your Video
  •      Data, Metrics, & Analytics
Social Networking and Facebook
  •      Social Networking Overview
  •      Understanding Facebook
  •      Facebook Marketing
  •      Understanding the Facebook Algorithm & News Feed
  •      Integrating Facebook with Other Efforts
  •      Facebook Analytics
Facebook Advertising
  •      Understanding Facebook Ads
  •      Choosing Your Ad Type
  •      Facebook Ad Targeting
Microblogging and Twitter
  •      Understanding Twitter
  •      Twitter Marketing Foundations
  •      Twitter Marketing Foundations
  •      Twitter Search Twitter Cards
  •      Define Goal & Create Twitter Strategy
  •      Twitter Tools
Twitter Advertising
  •      Understanding the Options
  •      Understanding Targeting Bids
  •      Advanced Twitter Targeting with TV Ads
  •      Increased Ad Engagement with Twitter Cards
Popular Social Networks
  • Marketing Through Pinterest
  • Marketing Through LinkedIn
  • Marketing Through Instagram

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