How to Use LinkedIn to Market Yourself

This article “ How to Use LinkedIn to Market Yourself? , is about the best ways to promote yourself on LinkedIn.

How to Use LinkedIn to Market Yourself?

Give before asking for favors This is important to do on any social networking site, but it’s particularly important to do on LinkedIn when so many people are focused on receiving something for themselves or their business.

The best way to give to others would be to make recommendations. People are asking for recommendations all the time when they haven’t written any for others first. The more you recommend others without asking for one in return, the more it will give them a refreshing feeling about you and the more they’ll want to be helpful in return.

How to Use LinkedIn to Market Yourself

Making introductions is also a great way to give. If you are trying to make a name for yourself, connect two people who you think could help each other build their businesses and achieve their goals.

Connect with everyone It pains me to see when people only have fewer than 100 connections, and they think that having a “small trusted network” is the way to go.

Make your interactions personal In general, people love human interaction. We don’t want to connect with a business; we want to have relationships with others who we know, like, and trust.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Market Yourself?

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